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If you can listen to these CD's / DVD's and fail to grab at least one HOT STRATEGY you can't wait to use, that definitely and indisputably and quickly puts money in your pocket, then I'm George Of The Jungle's Uncle and, after you tell me the bad news, I'll go into exile somewhere, live off bananas and tree bark, never to be seen or heard from again.

The fact is, just getting your Real Estate registration is just the tip of the necessary iceberg when it comes to your real estate career.

The free gift you have signed up for is responsible for many six figure and two seven figure Real Estate incomes.

So Why would I give it for free?

Well you don't trust me, and I want a long term relationship with you, and in order to do that, I have to put some money in your pocket BEFORE I ask you to become a client.

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The programs I am including in this gift are:


Amazing Free Gift #1 - DVD
Kurek Ashley - 'Olympic Strategies to Fire Up Your Real Estate Success' - Peak Performance Coach Kurek Ashley shares his insights for over an hour on success in your real estate business. Others pay Kurek many thousands of dollars an hour for his one on one coaching, and it's yours here for free.

Amazing Free Gift #2 - CD
Glenn Twiddle 'The Most Important Half Hour in Real Estate Training History' - If I only was allowed to teach one strategy to have the most impact in your real estate career, this would be it. Compulsory listening for anyone in real estate sales.

Amazing Free Gift #3 - CD
Mal Emery - 'How to Take an Ordinary Real Estate Business to an Extraordinary Real Estate Business'
Marketing guru Mal Emery gets a grilling on how his unique style of 'Rebellious Marketing' can be used to achieve great success in the real estate industry.

Amazing Free Gift #4 - DVD
Glenn Twiddle - 'How to Get an Immediate Increase in Your Seller Paid Advertising'
- An hour training dedicated to this essential skill. Every top performer has this skill and everyone who didn't make it, or is struggling, doesn't. I'd suggest then this is a key skill you can't ignore. Recorded at a 'Closed Door' Session for a major franchise that cost attendees $550 to attend. Yours here free.

Amazing Free Gift #5 - CD
Rudy Ruettiger - 'What I Learned from Rudy ' - A program inspired by the man they made a movie about in 1993. (and this program even includes an interview with Rudy himself. A real life Rocky. The message, Dream Big, and Never, Ever , Ever Give Up !!'

Amazing Free Gift #6 - CD
Jason Bond - '#1 Agent in the Hottest Contested Area in Brisbane' - Strategies it takes to become number 1 in your area. No BS. No fluff, all usable strategies and what, exactly, to do to get to #1.


Amazing Free Gift #7 - CD
Glenn Twiddle - 'Combatting Cost Cutters. How to Get Full Commission Every Time, and Never Have to Match a Discount Agency Again' - With the rise of discount agencies, it is becoming more and more necessary to demonstrate VALUE to your clients. This CD shows exactly what words to say and actions to take to get full fees, and protect full fees all the way through to settlement.

Amazing Free Gift #8 - DVD
Jason Andrew - 'REIQ Auctioneer of the Year' - The Secrets of Successfully using the Auction Method of Selling. Hints and tips to get a great result for your clients and you.

Amazing Free Gift #9 - CD
Kirsty Dunphey - 'Broke at 19, Self Made Millionaire at 23, Retired at 27. If I can Do It, You Can Too' - An intimate chat with the legendary Kirsty Dunphey. She shares many of the secrets that took her real estate agency to the top of their area, the specific strategies, and the thinking behind the business.

Amazing Free Gift #10 - CD
John Blake interviews Glenn Twiddle - 'Advanced Hypnotic Selling' - Using the strategies of Hypnosis and Hypnotic Persuasion to influence, persuade and seduce your clients without them even knowing about it. Naughty stuff !!

Amazing Free Gift #11 - CD
Bret Thomson - How I Made Multiple Six Figure Incomes Using Only my Words' - Australia's #1 direct response copywriter shares the secrets of turning words into sales. How to tweak your written and spoken words to be more compelling, and get people to do what you want them to do.

Amazing Free Gift #12 - CD
Marty Morris - 'A Life in Sales' - Marty was a struggling kid from Riverview (in Ipswich Qld) and went on to float several companies on the stock exchange. He's gone from sleeping under bridges with bikie gangs to advising public companies boards of Directors. Marty shares his strategies for selling, and the lessons he's learned in a life in sales.

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